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More than any other brand, Himolla stands for the ultimate in comfort technology and individual choice. Himolla's corporate philosophy is all about making "upholstered furniture for people" - combined with an exceptional standard of quality and resource-saving production. This was the aspiration which has transformed a small joinery workshop in idyllic Taufkirchen an der Vils into one of Europe's leading upholstery manufacturers over the past decades.


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Himolla's unique upholstered furniture diversity. As individual as you are.

To use a poetic turn of phrase, the production facilities at Himolla could be called the birthplace of relaxation, comfort and well-being. Where else would you find so many top-class brands capable of meeting the most stringent standards of comfort and quality? This is the meeting place of all the attributes you could possibly expect from one of the most comfortable upholstered furniture addresses in the world:

Individuality: The countless possibilities for combining functions and the wide-ranging different design directions make each finished item of upholstered furniture truly unique.

Functionality: The whole range of comfort functions - from the practical pendolin corner to the invigorating relaxation massage, all integrated perfectly into the most attractive designs.

Versatility: The product portfolio ranges from bespoke furnishing landscapes to high-tech recliners, representing a wide range of different styles.

Durability: Premier Himolla quality "Made in Bavaria" guarantees an unusually high standard of product quality.


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The Himolla Test Lab

Himolla's own internal test lab could be described as something of a "torture chamber" for furniture. The way in which Himolla's staff treat test upholstered furniture and materials here certainly merits this description. This is the site of exhaustive abrasion, compression and strength testing. But achieving quality means subjection to a program of rigourous tests. It is only by performing this stringent test program that we can be sure of the quality and durability of materials used for production and so issue the "three-way Himolla 5-year guarantee".


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Product Quality

Recliner physics:
The physical changes are continuously monitored and checked.

Every fabric has to prove its durability through regular abrasion testing. Every leather quality is tested for colour and abrasion fastness by means of intensive abrasion testing.

Electrical components:
The electrical components are also tested for extreme utilization. In practice, this means that they are required to prove their long-term functionality. Testing is continuous over a period of days on end.

Seat upholstery:
Our seat upholstery has to be exposed to stringent endurance testing. This involves performing a compression cycle up to 80,000 times using a 75 kg heavy weight. The cushion hardness and height are measured before and after testing.

Himolla's hardware is also subjected to extreme testing using endurance load tests.

Frame and non-moving bearing components:
During strength testing, forces of up to 200 kg are dropped onto the upholstered furniture at a frequency of 30,000 cycles.

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Himolla Certifications, Test Seals and Quality Marks

You can rely on our Himolla upholstered furniture!

- Optimum seating comfort
- Ergonomic back comfort
- Solid crafted quality
- High standard of quality

Here is a selection of our certifications, test seals and quality marks:






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New Trend Concepts is today one of the most influential and significant presences within the Italian upholstery sector. Our mission statement can be summarized as follows: 'to interpret solutions to offer a contemporary, timeless aesthetic as well as craftsmanship accessible to a large segment of the public.


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In other words, New Trend Concepts have built a reputation for producing high-quality, traditional and contemporary upholstery using attractive,commercial new covers, offering first-rate comfort with reasonable prices and good service.

From the initial design, through all phases of realization, to the final product, every New Trend Concepts piece is the result of an industrial heritage that still strives for excellence.

All New Trend Concepts products are a clear demonstration of our experience, which enables us to go beyond the conventional.


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This means looking for the finest leathers, personalized designs and a rigorous selection of the highest quality to guarantee the uniqueness and the character of every New Trend Concepts product. When you sit on a New Trend Concepts product, you will notice the difference that comes from this experience and these choices, the difference that makes your choice unique, like our products.